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Sod for Peoria, IL homes is defined as the surface of your yard with grass growing on it. This is the most coveted part of your lawn, and usually where the grass grows with the most success and vibrancy. The term also applies to the patches of grass you can purchase for your home which means that rolled up batts of turf are also called sod. Peoria, IL homes have a longstanding history of enjoying luscious grass and green fields, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination to see the importance properly installed sod has on the community.

Not only do residential areas benefit from sod, but stadiums, sports fields, and golf greens can all reap the benefits of batt installations. This is especially true when only one spot or patch of greens is no longer in the best health. Just lay rolls down over the area to cover it, the grass will take care of the rest. Sod for Peoria, IL grounds can take care of any lawn problems you might encounter. It’s also impressive to see large fields laid down with sod. No matter how patchy or in disrepair your lawn is, Peoria sod can save the day. Or if you’re in need of a total lawn instal, sod can take care of that too.

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You’re always guaranteed to have fresh sod in Peoria, IL because the material cannot withstand being on a pallet for over twenty four hours. After a day, the sod starts to grow yellowish and becomes frail. Absolutely every mat, batt, and roll is going to be the freshest quality grass for your property. Sod will also take a little time to get used to its new surroundings and new home. It takes roughly two to three weeks to finally set into the ground and have the roots firmly in place. Afterwards, mowing will actually encourage the root growth. Most sod can be installed within a day, unless the area is over 12,000 sq. ft. Then it could take up to two days. Rolled up batts of sod in Peoria, IL are generally either 24’ or 54’ long and nine feet wide. Every skid holds ninety rolls and should cover about 810 square feet.

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Peoria Sod FAQ

What are the different types of sod in Peoria, IL?

Basically Peoria sod breaks down into three major groups. First off, there is Bermudagrass. It’s a standard turfgrass that has a great deal of adaptability throughout the different climates of the country. This is the one you will commonly see on golf courts and comes in a few variations. Celebration Bermudagrass is a dark green drought-resistant type of sod. While Discovery Bermudagrass is green-blue and requires very low maintenance. Another drought-resistant strain is called Bluegrass. Bella Bluegrass is a short grass that only really gets to be four inches, but has high survivability. Otherwise, Centipede grass does very well in North American climates. It’s known as a weed in some southern homes, because it’s fairly invasive in warmer areas. Similarly, St. Augustine grass is very apt at surviving hot climates and does better the closer you are to the equator. Also Santee is a newer form of sod being tested right now. Find out which Peoria sod works out for your home.

How do I care for my sod in Peoria, IL?

The first step for new sod in Peoria, IL is to water it. Water is the most important thing you can do for freshly laid sod. So for the first week, maybe even two weeks, water it frequently so the roots will begin to take hold. Professionals say watering in the morning can be beneficial. If your lawn’s edges ever look wilted or take on a bluish-gray look, water immediately and more frequently. Otherwise once the watering stage is complete, and mowing becomes the priority. Wait two weeks at first for the roots to grow, and then mow weekly. You want to aim to keep it roughly 2” - 3” for optimal health. After that, fertilizing your Peoria sod is probably the next biggest step. The right fertilizing program will allow your yard to look attractive, remain strong, and become incredibly lush. After that it’s all about weed control. Check with an expert to see which kind your sod requires.